Monday, June 14, 2010

ahhhh i have been TAGGED!!!!

my oh my i haved been tagged. well, i guess it has been a while and you really dont know much about me execpt i tend to spend a little too much money! heres a little fun to get to know me :)

1. if you can spend a day with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why
i would spend the day with andy warhol, why because i love his art work. but he also changed what people believed about modern art and i love his crazy silver factory its the best!!!

2. what is your perfect vacation spot?

my favorite vacation spot is travlers rest, south carolina. my step grandparents live down there but its so beautiful. i am not a nature girl but i love the mountians it makes me want to live in a log cabin!

3. what is your musical guilty pleasure?  

ok i so love lady gaga. i cant help it she is amazing

4. if you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your like what would it be.

i think my parker outfit. its a jean jumper from H&M and a long black sleeve scoop neck shirt with black leggings with hearts down the back!!! oh and my hot pink doc martins its the outfit that i think defines me. i know what your thinking "how can an outfit define you?" well becky bloomwood had that green scarf that started the whole journey!!! you never know :)
5. what is your favorite coldstone flavor? or what would you mix?

um i love chocolate icecream with chocolate chips  and an oreo cookie!!!!

6. how would your perfect room look like it can be any room. 

my room would look like elsie flannagins studio i love her style and her nicknacks, i keep trying to make my room more inspiring with different art pieces (as you have seen before i have one of her paintings!!!!)

7. what trashy tv show do you watch?

i am so addicted to all kinds of reality tv. i love the competion shows like next top model, project runway, the fashion show, but my guilty pleasure is the housewives of new jersey!!! i love them they are so funny and like well jersey!!!

8. what is your favorite craft to work on 

well thank you for letting me share a little about my self with you 
Peace and love!!!

images found on flickr,, and google images!

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