Monday, November 22, 2010

style Muse: Clemence Poesy

She is just effortless, parisian chic!

Peace & Love,

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

mid terms have totally kicked my butt!!

so i finally gave in and changed my blonde hair to RED!!! i am really excited about this new change.
i felt like i was stuck in this daily rut. nothing changed nothing was exciting anymore even shopping was not fun anymore. so i decided to change it. now its a new me, new attitude, new artjournal new life. i plan to take more risks, be more fun, eat whatever whenever. and just be happy. 

so this is my brand new art journal. as you can kinda see i decided to name it norwegian wood (like the beatles album/song)
I plan to share more of my new adventures,prompts and just fun stuff on the journaling blog. along with a prompt on how i to start off a new journal.
well now i am off to finish a ton of painting homework i hope to share pictures of that and funny little stories that happen that goes along with being an artstudent.

Peace & Love,