Friday, October 8, 2010

i am going back to my roots! part 1

I have sorta strayed from what i love posting about so this one is going back way back to the days were i was a mini Becky Bloomwood (well i still kinda am a Becky bloom wood). now that i have said that i can now say this i love fashion. even more so i love affordable do it you self put together just messily right look.


today i bought this great watch! i love it. i am kinda obsessed with tortoise shell (i own a pair of tortoise shell glasses) i saw it in the case and i knew i had to have it. since i don't have a watch because mine broke and had a cell phone i always thought eh i don't need one. its practical beautiful and way cheaper than the Michael Kors watches in the next case.

on to my next point i love the diy in the fashion industry not because you have to pay a ton for it but you can make it yourself and its not going to matter if the edges are frayed because the original "insert designer brand here" has it too. so after saying that i was flipping through the new issue of Marie Clare and stumbled on these beautiful hand made friendship bracelets with vintage bits of jewelery. i was floored when i saw that they were selling their creations for $130+. i came to the thought that i could totally make that myself.being the friendship bracelet making queen (only among my friends) i thought that it would be the perfect diy to do. that would be in the works (so look out for part two with the actual diy!)

Here is the nylon tv + lulu frost video. when i saw the bracelets i totally thought about this video. but instead of just a regular thread or yarn you could do the simple 4 knot and make it a little extra and totally now!

Peace & Love

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