Sunday, March 6, 2011


I am right now totally having a shopaholic attack! I WANT A KINDLE!!!! right now i feel like i cant live with out it. like really CANT LIVE WITH OUT IT! i keep stalking it on but it wont arrive in time for when i feel like i need it. i also keep stalking it on best and i checked and it is available in store and because today is Sunday the store is already closed. I AM TOTALLY FREAKING OUT!!!!!! hence my dilemma. my step dad has one and they got my sister one for Christmas ( i coulda had one too but i wanted a instax wide for Christmas). talking about it really helped calm me down it still doesn't change the fact that i want one. i have been a very studious girl (i am getting an award for having good grades who knew that still happened at the college level) and i feel like because i did so good i should reward myself with something that i love like reading. if i do get one here are some of the covers i feel i like to much and might get one if the feeling over takes me again!

Image found google images via kate spade kindle covers

Peace & Love,

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