Monday, August 9, 2010

Style Muse: Nicole Fox

All of you probably know who she is, she is the petite top model winner. I love her she was my favorite and i was glad she won. But watching the reruns of her season i thought to myself "what else has she been doing?". while visiting family in Detroit i saw her picture in the store front window of heritage. it made me fall in love with her all over again! here are a couple shots of what she has been up to.

images from google and weheart it tag nicole fox

Peace & Love,


  1. ah! dying your hair red would be crazy fun! course i dont know how you would look with red hair ;P

    i love that third picture of nicole!
    how excited are you for this upcoming season of ANTM???? did you know the winner gets a cover of ITALIAN VOGUE?????? how crazy awsome is that ????
    thats a MAJOR upgrade from Seventeen!

  2. no i didnt know that. thats kinda awesome!!!
    i have been on the fence of dying my hair. i love the blonde i have but red is kinda my dream color.