Friday, August 13, 2010

Four Simple Goals.


Miss Elsie is doing a small challenge before the new year (because lets face it we always need goals)
My four simple goals are:

1.Be Myself
Some times i can get caught up in friends drama, or what I'm  doing, or be influenced by other people that some times i forget who i truly am and i get wound up and freak out and change myself for other people. I want this year and new school semester to be truly me and i am not going to let people make me feel uncomfortable for who i am and what i believe in.

2.Make Pieces That i am Proud of
I am an art student and this semester i am taking 3 studio classes. Intermediate Printmaking, Photo Lithography, and Painting. Last semester i took photo and i make pieces just to complete the assignment and i didnt make many pieces that i was proud of. I want to change that i want to think how can i use this assignment and make it work for what i want to do so we can all be happy!

3.Try not to look like a slob
trying to rush, get good grades, making messes, looking some what decent ususally isnt  really a top priority. thats why i want to make it a goal i want to look put together. even if its just jeans and cute top.

4. Enjoy Whats left of the warm weather!
Here where i live and go to school is the weirdest place ever. we can have sunshine, rain, sleet, and snow all in one day. i am not making this up we have the weiredest weather i plan to enjoy the rest of whats left of summer weather before we go back to school.

P.S: My sister did the cutest post for Friday the 13th that i cant compete so for this cutesy post i am going to link it here From the land of whimsy


Peace & Love,

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