Friday, September 3, 2010

My First Week of School!

August 30th i started a whole new semester of school. I have to say i have been overwhelmingly happy with the classes i have chosen to take.  For me what makes a class interesting is a professor who is passionate about the subject he or she is teaching. The only problem i have been having all week is i have been having dizzy spells and crazy headaches.  Other than my health issues everything has been going pretty well. Painting, Photo Litho, and Screen are my favorite classes to get into. The history & art history classes are fun to listen to.  I plan to share more personal photos when i am creating my prints or painting projects. Also the art rooms are pretty crazy you never know what kind of art work you will find in the halls or just lying around.

This is inbetween both the print 1 studio and the photo litho studio i thought it was kinda funny in a modest mouse dashboard kinda way.

I also am taking an art journaling class with the lovely Vivianna from polka dot robot. So in between painting little freaking boxes with oil paint and coming up with a plan of study for my intermediate print class. I like to relax by making the art journal pages from the class while listening to the new jenny and johnny album. totally the best way to spend the first days of an already overwhelming semester.

page 1

page 2

page 3

Peace &  Love,

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