Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Four Simple Goals: Revisited.

I am not going to lie i have progress troubles. I always find it hard to stick to my goals. So when i looked back at my four simple goals at the beginning of August I was shocked to see i actually stuck to them and actually completed them!

1. Be Myself
The whole first semester i was able to be myself. I was a house built on steady ground. The wind and waves didn't knock me down! I was able to say what i was feeling, share my faith, and even tell some people off when i need to stand up for myself. I was still the over caffeinated covered in paint and ink me and i didn't have to compromise who i was. I actually became better friends with people i never thought i would become friends with because of it!

2. Make Pieces That I Am Proud Of
This year taking three studios and coming up with original ideas for each of them was so difficult. But i actually did it! I made art i love and i am proud of. I ended up with 12 different prints and over 15 paintings i love. My professors loved them. They could tell i was giving it my all because i loved doing what i was doing! I will share more pics of them when i get better photos (Aka not cell pics)

3.Try not to look like a slob.
This one was a little hard. I tried to put more effort in how i looked. I wore more makeup and actually thought about what to wear for the proper weather conditions. But as the seasons changed and we got snowed in a couple times all i cared about was staying warm. So lets put this one in a "almost completed" column.


4.Enjoy what was left of the warm weather.
Oh my did I do that! I wore shorts and flip flops and hung out side till it got cooler out. When it gets cold in Erie, it gets freezing. so i enjoyed what i could.

Its good to go back and see the progress you did. I know i am way passed thrilled that i was actually able to stick to something and see it though!

As Always
Peace & Love,

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  1. ha ! boy can i relate to these goals! why is it so hard sometimes? i absolutely love the picture of the girl with the flower in her hair. if i ever figure out how not to be a slob i'll share the discovery.