Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Years Challenges!

I don't like the whole new years resolutions thing because lets face it no one i know ever sticks to them. I like to think of them more as challenges. Because challenges seem well.....more challenging and fun!

So my personal challenges for this upcoming new year are....

1. Take more just for fun pictures/photo shoots.

After taking a photo class for school and doing the projects we had to do kinda killed my passion for photography. (i also had a younger professor who still hadn't developed a teaching style yet.) i am getting back in the mood to take photos just for fun again and discovering the simple joys of a well taken accidental photograph!
(this was the last time i had a just for fun with friends photo shoot we were volunteering as clowns)

2. Find better ways to budget my time to get everything i need done.
I have crazy time management problems. i try to do lists and schedule my time but every time my projects seem to spill over into other projects times. so this year i will try my best to stay on task but not worry about not getting all things done.(just the most important ones done!)

3. Spend more time enjoying my city/ surroundings
My small town of Erie is well i don't even know how to explain it. its a town smack in the center of the old industrial area of the north west. so we have different terrains we have fresh water beaches & we have woodland areas. my goal is to spend more time out doors hiking trails, walking on beaches when the weather gets better.
(photo taken by Jes)

4.  Try not to spend money on unnecessary things
well as you may know or not i am kinda a shopaholic. I have tried to control my spending a bit this year but this time i really need control it. I would buy things that i really didn't need but really wanted. Now I know that's nooooo way to be spending money when your a college student. i need to be better about controlling what i need and what are wants.....(ill let you know how that goes!)

5. Have more fun doing just for fun crafts!
being an art student its really easy to get burnt out for great ideas to create work. i had three studios last semester and i just got so wiped out. i didn't take time out to do projects i wanted to do. So this year i will knit, embroider, paint, photograph, hot glue, bedazzle my own fun projects!
What are your new years challenges?

Peace & Love,

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