Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Instant Love

So as you know i bought impossible project film.... my only problem is i don't know how much light is enough light. i started out using just sun light the picture came out dark.

 then i used a spot light on a still life still really dark

then i used a better spot light its still pretty dark but you can see kinda everything in the photograph

 i did two shots with sun light and two spot lights.

i emailed the impossible project but no response yet. i don't understand how much is too much but clearly it isn't enough. it always also could be my camera to many variables.
(just so you know the scans actually look better then the Polaroids do in real life!)

on other instant love news i took a couple new photos with my instax wide!

(Jes took my portrait)

i took a picture of the sunrise the day looked optimistic little did i know.....

Peace & Love,

Ps. my sister decided to do this feature also so check it out!

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