Sunday, January 2, 2011

instant love story!

An introduction to a new feature: instant love

 My addiction to instant photography started out when i was about 5 years old. My grandpa had a Polaroid one step and would take tons of photos with it. playing in the pool, coloring, digging in the yard we had a Polaroid picture for each occasion. Growing up without instant film was like losing a best friend and when i found out that Polaroid was no longer making instant film i truly felt like a huge part of my life had died.
(me and jes circa  1996)

So when the impossible project came on the scene i was super excited! they were going to make film for Polaroid cameras again! my only problem at the time was i didn't have a camera that was compatible with the film. (insert the biggest flea market/thrift store/yard sale search here) i went crazy looking for Polaroid cameras. it wasn't easy finding one. not only did we (my sister & i) find one but we found one with a pack of film still in it. i accidentally took it i smashed it against my sisters head and oops there went the flash and this picture popped out! 
(she was mad i took her picture when she was putting on her shoe)

When Christmas came around my mom asked what would you like for Christmas. i paused i jokingly said an instax wide camera! i wasn't expecting her to actually get it for me! i was super surprised when i took it out of the box and the camera it self was the size of my face! my first picture came out black, I didn't have the right setting i took another one and it did its oh so familiar click buzzzzz shuffle print dance! i was so happy that i was able to have that back in my life that i got re obsessed with instant film! i had to buy some impossible project film and see what i could do with it! i haven't taken to many pictures with the impossible film because of the crazy weather we have been having. 

(the art wall in my room test shot)

Photography has always been important to me. there is something about capturing a moment that makes feel so amazing. Some photos will be amazing others will be utter failures. This is part of my art making journey and i am willing to share it with you. instant photography has always given me a way to express myself and my artistic view...well instantly! i plan to share my crazy photo shoot plans and the photographs hoping to inspire you to go instant!

(first photo from impossible film pack)
ps. all photos are scanned polaroids 
Peace & Love,

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